Village Of Fonda
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Fonda Fultonville Joint Wastewater Sewer Board

The Fonda Fultonville Wastewater Board was established during construction of the Joint Wastewater Treatment Facility in 1970.  Currently, there are members from each village who serve, with one member voted as Chairman annually. 
Lynn Dumar
Term: 4/1/2017-3/31/2018
Timothy F Healey
Term: 4/1/2017-3/31/2018
Walter Boyd
Term: 4/1/2017-3/31/2018
Randy Wellman
Term: 4/1/2017-3/31/2018
Frequently Asked Questions: Sewer Use

Sewer Department Questions and Answers


What items should not be flushed into the sewer system?
It is not recommended to flush household grease, oils or other fats into the
sewer system as they congeal and can clog either the household line or the
sewer main. The Village of Fonda requires commercial properties to have and
maintain a grease trap. Also, disposable wipes are not disposable in the sewer
system. They take years to decompose and can clog pumps and block lines.


Does the village allow storm water to enter the sewer system?
No. The sewer system is designed to accept only waste flow. Storm water via
roof drains, gutters, basement floor drains and sump pumped water must be
disposed of separately.

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