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Building and Fire Code Enforcement Office

Ron Hinkle
518-848-0571cell 518 853-4335 ext 100
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Important Dates
Uniform Code, Energy Code and Administrative Updates

Update to
Training Regulations – Effective Date 1/1/2015
The updated regulations establish levels of certification (Building Safety Inspector (formerly CCT) and Code Enforcement Official), prescribe the functions that can be performed by persons holding each level of certification, and establish the training requirements for each level of certification. The rule clarifies when a Building Safety Inspector Certification or a Code Enforcement Official Certification will be classified as inactive, and specifies what a person whose certification has been classified as inactive must do to have his or her certification restored to “active” status. Click here for more information.




Truss Type Construction – Effective Date 1/1/2015
Residential Structures with Truss Type Construction, Pre-Engineered Wood Construction or Timber Construction. This rule implements Executive Law §382-b, as added by Chapter 353 of the Laws of 2014.  This rule requires any person who uses truss type, pre-engineered wood or timber construction in the construction of a new residential structure or an addition to or rehabilitation of an existing residential structure to give written notice of that fact to the local code enforcement official and to place a sign or symbol on the exterior of the structure to indicate to firefighters and first responders that truss type, pre-engineered wood or timber construction has been used in the structure. Click here for more information.



Commercial Energy Code Update - Effective Date 1/1/2015
Commercial buildings must be designed in accordance with the IECC 2012 as modified by the 2014 Supplement. The IECC allows alternative design by with the ASHRAE 90.1-2010, Energy Standard for Buildings, Except for Low Rise Residential Buildings, also as modified by the 2014 Supplement. Click here for more information.


Order to Remedy – Notice of Rule in Development – Published 12/29/2014

The Department of State is currently developing a rule that would amend 19 NYCRR Part 1203 by adding a section fixing the time within which compliance with an Order to Remedy violations of the State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code (Uniform Code) would be required. The Department of State invites public participation in the rule development process. Click here to read more.


Code Enforcement responsibilities consist of many aspects. The Codes Enforcer does routine drive-bys of the Village to be sure that the Building Codes are being followed correctly. The Codes Enforcer also does inspections of the same. If you are going to build an addition to your home, erect a shed, install a swimming pool, erect a detached garage, demolish an existing building, etc. you must call and file an application for a Building Permit with the Codes Enforcement Officer before doing any construction. If you do not, and the Codes Enforcement Officer finds you doing work, he may place a "Stop Order" and prevent you from continuing any further work until the necessary application is filed and permit issued. 


Before any mechanical excavation on your property, you must have advance clearance through DIG SAFELY NEW YORK - 800 962-7962.

Any questions, please call Codes Enforcement Officer Ron Hinkle at 518-848-0571 cell.

Hours of Operation:
Call for an appointment  518-848-0571
Swimming Pool Regulations
If you are considering adding a swimming pool, please review NYS requirements.
Dig Safely!
Call before you Dig!
Demolition Permit (PDF - 32.7 KB)
Lead-free Safety Sheet (PDF - 1000.6 KB)
Please view this brochure for new information from NYS Building and Fire Codes when applying for a building permit.
Barbeque Safety Tips (PDF - 147.9 KB)
Don't burn trash (PDF - 508.2 KB)
Don't Burn Trash



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