Village Of Fonda
Village Wide Assessment of Water Main Leak Detection
September 27, 2017

From August 31-September 1, NY Leak Detection Inc. performed a full assessment of the Village of Fonda's water delivery infrastructure, consisting of nearly 4 miles of piping, 50-60 hydrants and over 300 service lines.

Notes/Testing Results: Utilizing the S-30 Surveyor scanned all hydrants, necessary valves, and service lines for leak signal within the system which contains approximately 4 miles. Digital correlations combined with surface acoustic testing performed where leak signal detected for leak locations. Recommend cleansing of various valves throughout system as they are packed with dirt and water despite having the foam guards placed within. Please see reports below for additional information.


The survey results revealed only 2 possible leakage areas; the first location was at the intersection of S Broadway and Park Street hydrant.  A quick turn of the valve and the leak was suppressed. Update: This situation was fixed on September 4th


The second area to be investigated was a suspected leak at the intersection of Upper Prospect and Cemetery Street.    Update: This area was corrected on October 13th.


Acoustic testing of water valves, services, and hydrants in the area as well as surface acoustic testing generated no definitive leak signals. Correlations between various contact points produced no distinct leak location. Recommend drilling test holes in the pavement above the water main to accomplish listening and correlations directly on the main to further pinpoint leak


On Saturday, September 23rd, the Village crew spent several hours trying to locate the suspected leak.  They have concluded the water is surfaced-based and not coming from any leaking pipes.  They will address the situation by diverting the liquid into the east-side drainage ditch as time allows.  Update: This area was corrected on October 13th.


The full report can be viewed on the "Department . Water" page, menu on the left.

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